Thursday, March 1, 2012

JTI 5.2 (Fall 2011) - Revised

N.B. Due to a production error, David Wenkel's article—while included in the journal issue itself—was not listed in the Table of Contents. Eisenbrauns acknowledges and deeply regrets the error. If you would like, you may download a revised PDF of the cover and Table of Contents.

The Quest for the Historical Leviathan: Truth and Method in Biblical Studies


Raymond C. Van Leeuwen

Rethinking "History" for Theological Interpretation


Joel B. Green

Linear and Participatory History: Augustine's City of God


Matthew Levering

Scripture and the Church: A Précis for an Alternative Analogy


Daniel Castelo and Robert W. Wall

Paul Ricoeur and the Hypothesis of the Text in Theological Interpretation


Thomas Andrew Bennett

On Original Sin and the Scandalous Nature of Existence


James A. Andrews

Wild Beasts in the Prophecy of Isaiah: The Loss of Dominion and Its Renewal through Israel as the New Humanity


David H. Wenkel

What Would Elijah and Elisha Do? Internarrativity in Luke's Story of Jesus


Jonathan Huddleston

Abraham and the Reformation: Romans 4 and the Theological Interpretation of Aquinas and Calvin


Charles Raith II